All you need to know about record deals

For the 2019 edition of the yearly dance music conference Dancefair, I was asked to speak in a panel about record deals. The panel was called “All you need to know about record deals”, which title clearly covered the topic.

The event was held at Jaarbeurs in Utrecht, The Netherlands.

Dancefair Pro

The panel was part of the professional part of the conference, aiming at the business side of things and initiated to help artists to the next phase of their carreer (or to stay on top), but also to give an insight in the world of service providers, media companies and coaching.


A legal panel fits perfectly in this, since there’s a frequent lack of knowlegde about the law, contracts and deal specifics. Making a deal is a start, negiotiating about it, is a good sequel, but writing it down is a whole other thing. Lawyer stuff. And, that’s where I come in.


In my Microsoft Sway presentation, I touched base about creativity, when a certain creation is protected by music rights (copyright and neighbouring rights), about income streams, collective rights organizations, contracts and record deals. You can find my presentation here.

Microsoft Sway

It was the first time that I’ve used Sway for a presentation and I am happy with the flow of it.

If you have any questions or remarks, feel free to contact me. If you want to use slides or schedules from the presentation, all I ask is to tag me in your usage.

Dancefair 2019

Dancefair 2019 was a great success and I hope to see you all next year! In the meanwhile, make sure you follow my socials and stay up to date of the latest news and legal stuff.

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